As online banking becomes an integral part of today’s world, so too does the security of those systems. Online banking systems and users are constantly facing threats from malware, Trojan viruses, man-in-the-middle attacks and phishing sites. Tendyron believes in offering security solution to provide safe and convenient methods to secure transactions and earn the trust of our users.

Tendyron delivers online banking solutions to customers including hardware components, online banking upgrades and technical support. Tendyron online banking solutions are based on 2nd generation (2G) PKI token with built-in digital certificates—which builds an encrypted connection between the user’s computer and the banking system. Each online transaction requires a confirmation from the user effectively protecting against today’s threats.

Hardware Components

Tendyron builds online banking security solutions around our 2G PKI token. With human interactive peripheral (HIP) technology and onboard screen, transaction information is conveniently displayed on the built-in screen allowing users to quickly confirm or reject any transaction. At the same time, transactions are digitally signed ensuring the security and integrity .

Visibility Controllability Simplicity

System Upgrade

Tendyron offers upgrade solutions specially designed for customers wishing to migrate from one-time password or older PKI based security systems to second generation PKI based security systems. Upgrading is as simple as upgrading client software and tokens, no need for costly backend redeployment. For customers with existing OTP based solutions, Tendyron offers solutions that work in parallel with existing OTP systems to offer convenient solutions available.

Easy to Deploy Easy to upgrade Easy to maintain Cost-effective

Technical Support

Tendyron provides technical support for online banking environment. We offer security evaluation, system upgrade solutions consulting, system integration, system maintenance and training service.

Complete product support 24/7 technical support Multi-level technical support