Case Study


Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) is one of the largest banks in the world by profit and market capitalization with assets of $1.9 trillion USD and with over 18,000 outlets, including 106 overseas branches and agents operating globally. ICBC is the first bank widely promoted 2G USBKey for online banking, has more than 30% market share on 2G USBKey market.

Tendyron Corporation has been ICBC's primary digital SECurity supplier since 2009. To date over 30,000,000 Tendyron OnKey 2G PKI tokens have been deployed to ICBC customers. With a large numbers of security devices in the hands of customers, more than any other bank in the world, ICBC chose Tendyron based on the quality of our product design. We cooperate with ICBC on digital certification security solution, aiming to enhance the security and user experience. We forward some projects like multi channel applications of digital certification.

Tendyron has earned a full approval from ICBC with our stable and high-performance products, high efficient delivery, after sale services and technical support. We have low default rate among the market. High quality products ensure the security of online banking system, also help banks saving a lot of operation cost and building good reputation among customers. Our strong production capacity and logistics distribution system is the guarantee of our timely delivery, we always do direct delivery to ICBC various branches all over the country and around the world. At the same time, we have training team provides multi-level training services, to help ICBC staff get knowing about the security properties of new generation USBKey, meeting the security requirements of ICBC online banking


In 2008 Agricultural Bank of China (ABC) selected Tendyron to provide the security infrastructure of their advanced online banking system.

The diffuse clients of ABC, some residing in remote regions subject to extreme temperature and climate fluctuations, meant that the rugged physical stability of every Tendyron device was a key factor in solidifying our partnership. The ability of our engineers to design a simple and highly usable application interface was also critically important.

The first stage of deployment was Generation 1.5 PKI, a strategic measure which provided for a seamless transition of underlying technology and customer expectations. Today Tendyron Corporation has supplied ABC with more than 20,000,000 2G PKI tokens.

Agricultural Bank of China (ABC) was founded in 1951, and today has branches throughout mainland China, Hong Kong, London, Tokyo, New York, Frankfurt, Sydney, Seoul, and Singapore. ABC has 320 million retail customers, 2.7 million corporate clients, and nearly 24,000 branches.


China Construction Bank (CCB) is leading the pace of innovation with a bold approach to mobile banking. Tendyron was selected to work with the online banking team at CCB on the basis of our successful record in generating innovative security solutions to develop a revolutionary mobile banking device for end-users. With CCB's vision and our wealth of development talent and deployment expertise we paved the way for the continued prosperity in the fastest growing market segment.

China Construction Bank Corporation is among the four largest banks in China and 13th largest company in the world. The bank has approximately 13,629 domestic branches. In addition, it maintains overseas branches in Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, New York, Seoul, Singapore, Tokyo, Melbourne, and Sydney, and a wholly owned subsidiary in London. Its total assets reached 8.7 trillion RMB in 2009.


CMB is the first share-holding commercial bank wholly owned by corporate legal entities in China. It's the Top 10 bank in mainland China and one Fortune 500 in the world. It's very popular among young generation, especially its credit card. CMB has very good reputation for its humanized service. CMB is the first bank launches online banking service in China. Its professional service and high security make it has very large amount high-end users.

We are not only the major supplier of CMB's online banking security hardware devices, but also the consultant for their software design and security update project. We work together on update 1st generation USB key to 2nd and solve how to combine USB key with OTP best. We also participate in integration testing for their online banking system and offer synthesized solution program.

Tendyron share the same characteristics with CMB, forward looking, complete absorption in professional service, innovation. Tendyron use our own technical advancement and design the custom online banking security system for CMB to keep its high-end users always feel safe and satisfied. We consider well high-end users’ multiple business demand and develop smart and fashion products in advanced materials. The USB key also can fit smart phones with humanized design, the high-end users can use anywhere on their mobile. We offer 7*24 telephone service, the customers can call us any time for any problem and help.


Bank of East Asia (BEA) is one of the largest independent local banks and the third largest bank in Hong Kong. BEA offers service in Hong Kong, mainland China, the United States, Canada, Britain, Malaysia and Singapore. It is the first foreign bank certified by China Financial Certification Authority (CFCA) to provide its online banking service in mainland China.

Tendyron began work with BEA in 2008, we are currently their sole PKI key supplier. We provide a variety of security devices to meet continually rising standards. Our products have received acclaim for their ease of use and strong protection technology.

Tendyron was there to help BEA solve technical problems when it was the first foreign bank to enter mainland China’s online banking market. We not only provided products, we made a good partner to guide and assist BEA in developing their international business in mainland China. Our experience across language and cultural backgrounds proved invaluable.


Bank of Kunlun is owned by China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), and it is a leading service provider to state owned enterprises, petroleum and petrochemical industries. A unique combination of the petroleum and banking sectors, Bank of Kunlun provides service to various enterprise and high-end customers.

Tendyron first forged a relationship with Bank of Kunlun when Tendyron developed their smartcard based electronic cash card for petrol stations. At the time, developing petrol stations needed a safe and reliable way to offer cashless payments to their customers. Tendyron developed an innovative solution of a smartcard based solution.

Based on our proven track record, Bank of Kunlun forged a second relationship with Tendyron in 2009 to provide their online banking security. Since the beginning, Tendyron has been a trusted technology partner and consultant for Bank of Kunlun.