In the ever evolving world of information security, enterprises and governments must always keep one step ahead of viruses, hackers, and other threats facing their IT infrastructure and internet services. With the growth of instant news sources, a security breach is costlier than ever in lost reputation and consumer confidence. This is why it is essential to take security beyond authentication and extend strong data protection to all aspects of an information networks.

As one of the key security providers in East Asia, Tendyron has extensive experience guiding some of the world’s largest corporations and working in conjunction with the local governments to enhance product security. From our roots as an online banking security provider, we have a unique perspective on security and have built on this to provide unique solutions to internet and data security. Our products and expertise have been important in building and deploying security infrastructure, security frameworks, and encouraging growth of online commerce.

A Multifaceted Solution

Tendyron Enterpise and Government solution brings strong information security into the post PC enterprise environment. Working across mobile and desktop operating systems and cross platform compatibility means that more devices can benefit from encryption and secure communications.

We continually strive to offer secure and easy to use solution possible while offering a wild range of security solutions. Our PKI security tokens are based on a stronge integrated smartcard technology which has a multitude of different applications. See the difference PKI based solutions can offer your workplace environment.


Digital Signature


*Provide strong two-factor authentication
*Provide access level and roles through certificate
*Ensure document integrity
*Provide identity through signature
*Provide Non-repudiation
*Protect communication over unsecured networks
*Protect removable media
*Provide protected access to sensitive data

The benefits of a hardware based solution

Smartcard Security

The Power of Identity

The built in smartcard provides secure processing for symmetric and asymmetric algorithms including RSA, AES, ECC, SHA1 as well as protected storage for multiple X509 certificates. Build a smarter IT environment with role based certificates and take advantage of bidirectional HTTPS.

With the ability to provide digital signature, Tendyron’s PKI Security can provide non-repudiation under digital law. Accomplish more in a paperless environment with legally binding PDF, Office, and email signatures.