With the advent of mobile devices and online shopping, mobile banking-accessible anywhere at any time-is the future for online banking. However when compared to traditional PC systems, security has been lacking, leaving users vulnerable to attack.

Tendyron developed a new mobile security solution built around hardware and software protection to provide a on-the-go security solution. Our solution consists of three parts: client-end, server, and mobile security components. We incorporate different mobile platforms, operating systems, and communication protocols, to deliver an easy to use, manage, and deploy security platform for mobile clients. Tendyron solution is quickly developed and is customizable to meet customer’s unique needs. Tendyron mobile payment solutions are safe, reliable and expandable.

Tendyron mobile solutions build a two-way communication channel utilizing audio encoding communication (AEC) technology, and use digital certificates and digital signatures to protect transactions.

Hardware Components

Tendyron mobile security solutions ensures the security of transactions. Using click through controls and built in display, Tendyron’s 2G mobile PKI token protects the integrity of transactions across mobile devices and operating systems.

Universal compatibility: supports Android, iOS and Windows operating systems. Supports smart phones, tablets and traditional PCs Safe and convenient: based on HIP technology, the 2G PKI key is the safe and easy way to secure online transactions Expandability: can be expanded to support a variety of applications that benefit from PKI technology

Client Program

Tendyron mobile security solutions are modular in design and can be custom made for each customer. Each customer can combine security components to build a flexible plan to suit their unique requirements. Tendyron mobile security solutions are compatible with a variety of security hardware and devices to meet your business needs.

High security:available to deliver secure product to customers Highly customizable:using our modular structure, each customer can build the solution that is right for them Fast deployment: customers can easily customize each and every step of the process in a quick and easy manner. This dramatically speeds up the deployment and upgrade cycle.


The primary goal of Tendyron mobile payment solutions is to provide a secure channel for transactions and provide a safe, reliable and secure server environment. Tendyron servers use layered technology to improve efficiency and expand capacity and to build an intelligent system. Our layered security to balance load and can quickly respond to changing business needs.

Layered structure:
Clients can add or remove features to meet their needs. This allows for easy expansion and development.

Real-time Monitoring:

Through the built in management system, access snapshot and real-time monitoring information. Real-time monitoring provides a dynamic approach to ensure system performance.