Tendyron Won the Bid of Second-generation USB Key Program of ICBC

Tendyron has won the bid of second-generation USB Key program of Industrial Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) in December 2009 and has become its official supplier providing the OnKey193D4I series of security tokens.

OnKey193D4I series are a second-generation security token specially designed for ICBC. In accordance with convenience and customization principles, OnKey193D4I is features an onboard display and embedded smart card technology. With the security of public key infrastructure technology, it provides the protection of both digital signatures and electronic authentication for online banking transactions to enhance the security of online banking operations while maintaining ease and convenience to users. OnKey193D4I series applied patented HIP "human-computer interaction technology" to achieve "see what you sign, sign what you see" which prevents transaction tampering and other means to try and hijack online financial transaction.

ICBC, ranking the first of the five largest banks in China, is among the world's top 500 enterprises. ICBC has the largest customer base in China, and its online banking launched multi-level services for individuals and corporations. Meanwhile, ICBC is the major bank to promote the widespread use of second generation technology in online banking.